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Taming the Beast

Melbourne, Vic, AU Leaving Melbourne we found ourselves with the same situation we faced in Auckland.  How the heck do we get around?  Additionally, Australia is a vast and for the most part barren place devoid of human habitation…much less … Continue reading

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Kiwis (The birds, not the people)

From Tortoise orgies to custom made giraffe barns, the Great Kiwi Roadtrip makes it’s way to the Auckland Zoo! One of the things that we absolutely had to see in New Zealand was an actual live kiwi (Finally: the bird, … Continue reading

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Yeah, That Mount DOOM!

Mt. DOOM, New Zealand (oh yes, there.  Right freaking there!  Life Achievement unlocked: Entered Mordor!!!) The Great Kiwi Roadtrip continues!! When you tell your friends back home that you’re in New Zealand, there is one reaction you’re almost sure to … Continue reading

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In Search of Castle Kiwi

Auckland, NZ Us: “No, mom, really what do you want to do while we’re in New Zealand?” Mom: “Oh I’ll just do whatever you’re doing” We’ve been down this road before with Greg’s mom.  She doesn’t want to intrude.  But … Continue reading

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