Tonga Grog Files

Kingdom of Tonga


Type: Beer

Rating: 4 sheets to the wind

Contact: No idea.  We looked…

Notes: Oh Tonga has good beer.  It’s made in New Zealand now for Tonga but whatever, it used to be made here and it’s so freaking good.  It has a dark look to it and a nice full flavor you’d expect from that but it’s not too heavy so it can be enjoyed in warm weather.  And it’s not too strong that you’re gonna get destroyed after a beer or two.  No ladies and gents this is the kind of beer you can sit at the yacht club and enjoy all afternoon with your friends, not make a complete moron of yourself and still manage to get back to the yacht in the evening.  Most importantly, it is “tasty” to use Tiffany’s exact words. Kickin’ back beer at it’s finest.


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