French Polynesia Grog Files




Type: Beer


Rating: 2 sheets to the wind

Notes: It’s an OK beer.  At $6 – $8 US a can, it was way too expensive, but in the remote islands of French Polynesia it was the only game in town.

Vin de Tahiti (white)

Type: Wine (white)

Website: Their website is down as we post this but the address is  We’d suggest googling them for a phone number as we just walked up and found that the winery is closed from March every year!  Only reason we got inside is that someone happened to be there doing paperwork and it was Greg’s birthday.

Rating: 1 sheet to the wind

Notes: This wine smelled fantastic.  Really, it was like having a tropical flower dipped in honey in your glass.  The taste was a big let down.  We really wanted to taste the dessert wine (a Muscat) but they were all sold out.  Still, a cool experience to drink wine made from grapes grown on a coral atoll.


Fruity Drinks

Type: Mixed Drinks

Rating: 3 sheets to the wind

Notes: Go into a bar or hotel in French Polynesia and order a mango-y, coconut-y, mai tai-like thing and you’ll get what you’re probably expecting…goodness.  Not cheap goodness, but tasty nonetheless.

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