Bora Bora here we come!

Onward to Bora Bora, the island you’ve all heard of and dreamed about – we’re actually going there!!!  For our first visit with Tiffany’s Mom, we’re going by plane.  And as we already knew, Tahitians don’t have the same dress code as the rest of the world!  Here’s business casual as defined by the airport attendants:

Yeah, not your typical power suit!

Oh, the Air Tahiti Nui planes have a great symbol on them.  It’s the Tahitian tiaré flower, one of their native flowers that has seven petals.  It smells wonderfully like a gardenia, and can be found growing all over Tahiti.  Tahitians are really into their flowers and “flower language”– The tradition shows that if a flower is worn on behind the left ear means that their “love is taken”, on the opposite ear side means that the “heart is vacant for love”. However, if a Tahitian waves the Tiare behind his head, it means “Follow me”.  Maybe their trying to tell us something by having it painted on the tail of all their international planes!

The flight to Bora Bora from Tahiti was pretty short, but with some amazing views of the islands as we flew.  We had a great aerial view of the mountain as we prepared to land in Bora Bora.

Unfortunately it was a taste of things to come – it has rained almost every day!  We found out later that this particular island is known for having a raincloud hovering over it most of the time, and it’s considered very lucky if you’re able to get a picture of the mountain without it!

We didn’t let the rain spoil our fun though!  We were hoping for a beautiful blue lagoon, beaches and sunshine, and I guess two out of three isn’t bad.  Hey, we’re in the tropics – it’s warm here!

Oh – and this is crazy!  The Bora Bora airport is on it’s own motu (the little islands on the outside of the lagoon) which means you have to catch a ferry from the motu to the main island!  And the airline had it’s own ferry!  Since when have you heard of an airline that operates boats – and not the kind that fly!

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5 Responses to Bora Bora here we come!

  1. Michael says:

    Did you have to pay extra to take the ferry?

  2. romain says:

    so great bora bora, you’re lucky guys! who took the photos? there are blur! i think you have to put some money for a new camera or maybe greg you need to leave tiffany takes the photos! lol salut et amusez vous bien sur l’ile paradisiaque qu’est bora bora!

    • Tiffany says:

      Ha ha! I took most of the photos, but it was cloudy and I didn’t’ have a great camera, so the shots didn’t come out too well – but they’re better than nothing! I just got a new camera and took some amazing pictures of some rainbow lorikeets today, so things will look better soon!

    • Greg says:

      pourquoi pensez-vous j’ai pris les photos? 😉

      It was an interesting place Romain, you French sure did manage to lock down some sweet colonies!

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