Happy Easter!

As our friend Justin put it:

“Did you ever think they came up with a bunny that brings baskets of candy, and lays chocolate eggs, to prove you will believe anything?

Happy Resurrection Day!!”

We’ve always wondered why Easter isn’t a bigger deal in America.  Christmas is a big deal, no doubt about it.  While the birth of Jesus is important, it is not the central point of the faith.  The events surrounding Easter: Jesus dying and rising again are the clutch beliefs but we don’t seem to give this holiday the credit it deserves.  You can blame commercialism, the decline of society, etc. but ultimately, it’s us.  It’s not a big deal because we don’t make it a big deal.  For our fellow believers, today is our victory day and the reason we are who we are as a faith.  Just some food for thought to go with the chocolate.  Yes, chocolate.  We defy you to prove to us that God is not down with chocolate.

And bacon.  Not the BS bacon they cook out here in the middle of the ocean either, but the good old American bacon (these people just don’t get what they are missing…). Thank you Jesus for dying for us…and for bacon.  The forgiveness of sins thing is beyond comprehension awesome (it actually is a bit mind expanding to attempt to wrap your thoughts around the concept) and is more than we could ever even hope for but then you just went ahead and took it to the next level.  As a deity goes, seriously, you’re the best.

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3 Responses to Happy Easter!

  1. Yvonne Hyatt says:

    Yes, indeed. Bunnies pale in comparison to the victorious Christ who took our sins on him so we can live forever! Praise His name!

    Hope you two had a wonderful Easter….we did!

    hugs from CA,

  2. Greg says:

    Hey Mrs Hyatt. We did in fact have a good Easter. Went to an Australian Jesus nightclub. It was supposed to be church, but it was most assuredly a Jesus nightclub. Guess you can’t blame ’em for gettin’ down though, huh? 😉

  3. Yvonne Hyatt says:

    If you came to our church, you’d be surprised at how “non-churchy” it is: one guy playing a guitar to lead singing, almost everyone in jeans and casual attire, various folks leading the Bible discussion, no paid clergy, no offering time, no ritual. We pray for each other and are trying to be real with each other. When you come back, come on up and visit us!

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