The First Place You Can Actually Name!

Tahiti, Society Islands, French Polynesia

Holy cow we actually sailed to Tahiti!

Tahiti is 4,067 miles from San Diego and that’s as the crow flies.  Well, actually at that point it would probably be an albatross but we digress.  We sailed here on a 44 foot boat!  It’s actually just starting to sink in right now what we’ve accomplished.  Probably because before now, all the places we went to we had never really heard of before (ok, except Mexico) .  They were islands and relative to ourselves and our perceptions living in the US, we had no real preconceived notions of where those islands were beforehand.  Therefore, they were never far away because we only really became aware of them as we arrived at them…but Tahiti, holy cow I know where that is!  Actually, I didn’t exactly until now but I knew for DARN sure that it was a long friggin’ ways off!

You know how sometimes you’ll be walking and thinking and not really paying attention and then you look up and you realize you walked a mile or two (and your feet are already tired and you have to walk back? 😉  Yeah, take that feeling and multiply it by 2033.5 to factor in how much farther we just “walked” and you’ll get how this feels.

We are actually IN Tahiti.  We sailed here on a boat!  I mean how do you process that in normal conversation?  Imagine you’re at our house…boat, whatever.  We’re having a drink.  You notice the above picture on the wall and one of us says, “Oh yes, this picture?  We got it when we sailed a boat to Tahiti.”

Ok, so if we had said the name of some random island that you’ve never hear of before, like “Taou” you’d say, “oh, that’s nice” thinking it was some weekend we spent down in the Caribbean or something.  Even after we explained it, it still wouldn’t be that impressive because the initial impact is what really matters.  In this case though, I think you’d probably ask for clarification, “Wait, you mean you took a cruise around the world or something, right?”

“No, we sailed there from San Diego on a 44 foot boat.”

You may not really know where Tahiti is either but you darn well know it’s no place normal people sail to.  Which is what makes it awesome!

We so can’t wait to test this out in conversation.

Oh, by the way since you’re probably wondering, Tahiti (and us! Woohoo!) are right here:

When the “We are here” picture needs to encompass over half the world before recognizable landmarks become apparent…now that’s an epic win.

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9 Responses to The First Place You Can Actually Name!

  1. Michael Lockridge says:

    Well done! Congratualtions!

  2. Anneliesz says:

    Nice! Way to make it to Tahiti.

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