Christmas in the South Pacific (part 2)

Now that hopefully you are hidden from the cold somewhere up there, hunkered down with the family against the rage of old man winter, let’s set the proper Christmas tone for down here.  It may be freezing where you are but here in the Southern Hemisphere, it just happens to be the peak of summer.  Christmas is bit more of 4th of July picnic and cold beers than hot coco time around the family hearth.   It leads to situations that can are very unusual to our Northern hemisphere Christmas expectations.



Oh, and these people have never eaten pumpkin pie (much less Key Lime pie).  Seriously, how do they live?


And as a final Christmas treat for you all, my favorite video of the previous entry: the out takes.  You’d be surprised how much goes on when you’re trying to record Christmas songs.



Stay warm!  We are 😉



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4 Responses to Christmas in the South Pacific (part 2)

  1. Michael says:


    You must be on a cheap green screen set up though, b/c the color of blue in the background keeps changing. …I think you’re hiding out in silicone valley somewhere–which explains the crazies with the slip and slide at the computer company Christmas party with the live band, etc.

    I totally have you guys busted! HA!

    • Tiffany says:

      Hey, even people in Silicon Valley have more sense than to go slip and sliding in the middle of a CA winter. It’s cold over there! And our “green screen” changes because the sun was setting, so every time Greg made a new clip, we had a different amount of background light :)

      How was Christmas back in TX? Oh, and happy first Christmas with the new Mrs. Lockridge!

  2. Stephanie Iannotti says:

    LOL!!!!! Okay… really really made me laugh….I am sitting here with tears in my eyes! Continue to live live and enjoy as you obviously are! Bless you both! Keep making me laugh! Do you play the drums??? Maybe that would have helped drown out the birds! :) Thanks again for the laugh! Happy New Year!!!!

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