Dominique, FVI

Dominique, FVI

I got a report from Tiffany who is dealing with the many challenges of teaching a sailing class on a luxury sailing yacht in the middle of the French Caribbean.

Sailing teaching supplies are in short supply. Fortunately, Tiffany knows how to improvise.

Also, class disruptions are frequent. Some are welcome, for example, dolphins dancing and leaping around the boat in crystal clear water is always a good time.

Other distractions are well, not so welcome. Remember kids, this is a French colony we’re talking about here. (And it wasn’t the cute ones who were naked! It was the dirty old men! ~ Tiffany)

So naked men are just prancing around my wife while she gets paid to work in a tropical paradise and I’m 500 miles away. Yeah, great. Just great.

Despite the distractions, the upside is that the field trips through tropical rivers seem pretty interesting

…and the immigration procedures are, to say the least, apparently a touch more relaxed than what we Americans are accustomed to from our Customs officials.

That’s probably because the local government is attempting to rebuild after a mild natural disturbance caused a slight population decrease a few years back.

I asked Tiffany the question that was on your mind. Well, on my mind at least. “Honey, after the guy in prison survived a night of being encased in his cell by a tidal wave of molten lava…after he survived who knows how long in his cell without food and water before rescue crews made it to this remote little island, and somehow managed to find him…after all that, did they put him back in prison or was he considered ‘rehabilitated’?”

She said the brochure didn’t say. How do you not include a detail like that?

Anyway, so my wife is surrounded by naked prancing men and the land might just decide to explode and randomly kill everyone without notice. Neat place.

– Greg

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  1. Debi Donner-Ahern says:

    Tiffany,(and Greg) your mom Lisa is my Cousin ricks wife. I met her in PA this past week. She’s fun. She told me about your travels and because I grew up on boats and loving travel she told me to check out your blog. So I am. I’m so jealous. If we had computers and the internet at our fingers I would totally be doing what you are. You lucky kids. :) Debi

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