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Fish guttin’ bikini

Enroute Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands Greg is not a big fan of traditional fishing.  Not because it hurts the fish (as my friend Paul once said “if God didn’t want us to eat animals, why are they made of meat?”), … Continue reading

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All that’s missing is a Kracken

Despite our best fishing efforts, pickings continue to be rather slim     (If you watched that…I apologize.  My only defense is that when you’re this long out to sea some things seem funnier than they are.)   We did … Continue reading

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The truth about food on boats

We dine like gods out here! To give you an idea, I offer for your consideration this typical evening “crew ration” Stuffed peppers, avocado, fresh tomato salad and hand-made garlic bread… All par for the course for our dining experience … Continue reading

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One skinned fishie

Our post filleting fish!

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Filleting the fish

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Wack em in the head and slit the throat

From fish to dinner!

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