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Working with race horses sounded cool…

Melbourne, AU Working at a racing stable sounded cool. Really, it did. First off, horse racing is a big deal and a major piece of Australian culture.  Heck the entire state of Victoria has a national holiday for their version … Continue reading

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Our Original Plan

Enroute Melbourne, AU So ends our time with Dan and our adventures in the land of the Kiwi.  But New Zealand isn’t the kind of country that goes out on a sad note or at least without some final amusing … Continue reading

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A Teaspoon of Concrete

Mt. Aspiring National Park, NZ After a week of enjoying the excellent company and stunning views provided by living on a mountain surrounded by glaciers and waterfalls from, most importantly, behind the protective barrier of a New Zealand hut, the … Continue reading

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Kiwi Killers

Helensville, NZ There is an invading force that is, right now as we write this, entrenched in the sovereign territory of New Zealand. Estimates vary widely but everyone seems to think there are AT LEAST seven invaders for every man, … Continue reading

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Sheep Whisperer

Helensville, NZ We have found in life there are people who have learned to be good at something and possess “skill” (feel free to add the “z” as necessary) and people who have innate ability, which we’ll call “talent.”  While … Continue reading

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Living in Rural New Zealand

Helensville, New Zealand As we’ve previously noticed, the lines between rural and urban New Zealand are quite blurred.  Sheep can be found in the middle of their largest city, and when we tell New Zealanders that we lived in Helensville … Continue reading

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Kiwis (The birds, not the people)

From Tortoise orgies to custom made giraffe barns, the Great Kiwi Roadtrip makes it’s way to the Auckland Zoo! One of the things that we absolutely had to see in New Zealand was an actual live kiwi (Finally: the bird, … Continue reading

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Lazy Birds

Dunedin, NZ The Kiwi Roadtrip continues! As long as you don’t mind the pressing need to bundle up in order to explore a land listed as “one of the closest to Antarctica” it’s sometimes hard to decide which is more … Continue reading

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Penguins and Wine

Marlborough, NZ The Great Kiwi Roadtrip continues!! Stepping off the Interislander Ferry had us stepping into one of the major wine regions of New Zealand: Marlborough.  Where sheep, kittens, vineyards and Kiwis all seem to have figured out a way … Continue reading

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Tonga has BACON!

Vava’u, Tonga What would a real Polynesian country have? Well, pigs.  They have a lot of pigs. And unlike their fellow Polynesian countries, corrupted as they are by European influences, Tonga actually uses their pigs for their highest truest purpose: … Continue reading

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