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  1. Leon Konschake says:

    Hey there! Guys I truly love the idea of sailing to the most beautiful parts of the world, and I became so happy when I finally found something on the internet to that topic!
    My name is Leon and I am a 18 years old German guy searching for my next adventure. I just came back from a year in Brazil and maybe 6 weeks of sailing around would be a perfect escape from my grey highschoolworld back here in germany.
    I dont know if its maybe too much to ask for but could you guys help me to find something for next July/August ? I’d do everything for a new adventure, I’d have no probelems to go alone and I am willing to work, also I speak many languages so I’m not a complicated guy.
    I would be so glad for an answer.
    Keep going the way you are living, sounds like you understood whats life about and you are enjoying the time you’ve got :)
    Best greets from Germany
    Leon Konschake

    • Tiffany says:


      My best suggestion is to search the online crew sites like the ones you can find listed on our blog

      Also, visit local marinas and talk to the people you meet there. If someone’s making a trip, other people will know about it. Most of our rides we found through word of mouth.

      Good luck!

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