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Kiwis on Water Skis

Auckland, NZ Having completed our assorted obligations to hearth & home, we returned to a much warmer New Zealand a few months later.  As our winter is their summer, that worked out in our favor.  Tiffany would like to point … Continue reading

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We expected to be better at this…

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia So Tami kept her part of the bargain, flying halfway around the world to bring us our stuff. (That’s not a turn of phrase, by the way.  She actually did.  Fly, that is.  Pretty much halfway around … Continue reading

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Australian snow is cold…and hard.

Jindabyne, NSW, AU Greg loves video editing. So easy to make something look really awesome that, in truth, went so very, very, VERY wrong… The doctor recommended stitches but Tiffany convinced him to go with medical tape first.  She still has the … Continue reading

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Surf’s Up!

Coffs Harbor, NSW, AU Our Australian East Coast Adventure continues!! Ok, we all know why Greg says he’s from San Francisco right? So what he didn’t mention was that this habit started when he was in at the Coast Guard … Continue reading

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