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Silly Kiwis

On the Road, NZ We sometimes think that travel does, in fact, broaden one’s horizons.  Gives perspective, understanding if you will, of persons individually and peoples as a whole. For example, we now understand that, as a people, Kiwis are … Continue reading

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A Hut Warden’s Life

French Ridge hut Mt. Aspiring National Park, NZ Notices posted on the kitchen wall of French Ridge hut: Seriously, we freaking love these people. By now we’ve mentioned it enough that you’re probably asking “Hey guys?  What are these huts … Continue reading

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Only one thing smells like bacon and that’s BACON!!!

Helensville, NZ In case you hadn’t noticed yet, we LOVE Bacon!! We know, you probably never would have guessed that we were vegetarians for 4 years because we talk about bacon so much.  But bacon is just one of those … Continue reading

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It’s just so darn PRETTY!

Auckland, NZ Looking out over Auckland Bay towards Mount Rangitoto.  We don’t do this very often, but there are a number of pictures that we’ve taken around Auckland that just don’t have much of a story to them, but are … Continue reading

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Munich, Germany One of several murals over the urinals in Oktoberfest beer tents. Who do these people think they are, Kiwis!? We did our very best to have as authentic an experience as we could at Oktoberfest

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Semper Gumby

Opua, New Zealand So there we were (doesn’t every great story start that way?) in Coff’s Harbour and little did we know that this would be the end of our Australian East Coast Adventure. We were doing a bit of … Continue reading

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London 2012 Olympics

 London, England, UK And now a brief interlude from our normally scheduled blogging. Greg’s sister and her husband live in London and we had the good fortune to be able to join them for their 5th wedding anniversary. It should … Continue reading

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Living in Rural New Zealand

Helensville, New Zealand As we’ve previously noticed, the lines between rural and urban New Zealand are quite blurred.  Sheep can be found in the middle of their largest city, and when we tell New Zealanders that we lived in Helensville … Continue reading

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Then We Got Audited…

Helensville, NZ With Greg’s mom’s departure came the next phase of our adventure.  And, like every other part of this journey, it was not what we expected. This time was different though because the surprise was not a good one.  … Continue reading

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