Outback pub life

Karumba, QLD, Australia

518 people

About 466 miles from “Cans

Sometimes, oh and without warning of course, the whole town just separates from the mainland and becomes an island for a few months…so you want to watch out for that.

and the largest gator (sorry…CROC…because it matters while it’s eating you…) ever caught in the history of the planet?  Yeah, right down the road.

Krys croc28ft, 4in long.  This is a to-scale model!

Welcome to Karumba

(yes, just like how Bart says it)

And while the bus trip there was long, it had its interesting moments:

burgerHow the heck am I supposed to eat this!?

And at the end we found our final adventure in Australia was to spend 3 months:

  1. Learning to play Cricket (not as hard as everyone says)
  2. Finding even more things in Australia that can kill us
  3. Fully exploring what is actually meant by the term “Pub food”
  4. Rounding out our Australian grog files
  5. Dealing with the international bar cat representative

And otherwise finding out what it means to work in a remote outback pub…


…on the beach.

(outback has beaches…who knew?)

It was a lot different than the 3 months we spent skiing in the “Australian Alps

About the authors

Greg and Tiffany are traveling around the world on sailing yachts and keep a video blog of their (mis)adventures.  If sailing to Tahiti on a 44 ft sailboat, 3-day delays for wine tastings, getting pooped on by seagulls, opening coconuts with dull machetes, sailing past tornadoes and ukulele Christmas carols are for you, then check them out at www.CoastGuardCouple.com!

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4 Responses to Outback pub life

  1. Kandace says:

    Having parrots myself, I love your photos on the black moroccan cockatoos. Those birds are very valuable but can be pest to the Australian farmers. When we were visiting the Yarra Wine Region near Melborne, the beautiful sulfur-crested cockatoos invaded the grapevines. The vineyard was not happy to say the least.

    I love your blog . . . it brings back my memories of exploring Queensland and Victoria the several times we visited Australia . . . diving the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea, photographing along the Great Ocean Road.

    • Greg says:

      Thanks Kandace, we’re glad to help you remember your good times with our good times. 😉

      The cockatoos were awesome. Just flew right in, chowed down on some nuts and off they went. They also had very little fear of humans so we were able to get to really see them well!

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