Zombie Koalas

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Adelaide, SA, AU

So after having our car break down in the middle of an Australian zombie outbreak and narrowly escaping with our lives it was time to seek alternate transport.

But at least now we understood why the koalas hang out it the trees. Apparently zombies can’t climb eucalyptus. Come on, have you ever seen a zombie Koala?

Well, after spending a week with them in the wild as they laughed at our misguided attempt to repair our car we can confidently say that neither have we.

This still left us with the problem of how do we get from Adelaide to Cairns by way of Alice springs.  Well, after Tiffany explored all our possible options for making the 4000 kilometer journey…

we decided it was probably in everyone’s best interest just to take the train.

About the authors

Greg and Tiffany are traveling around the world on sailing yachts and keep a video blog of their (mis)adventures.  If sailing to Tahiti on a 44 ft sailboat, 3-day delays for wine tastings, getting pooped on by seagulls, opening coconuts with dull machetes, sailing past tornadoes and ukulele Christmas carols are for you, then check them out at www.CoastGuardCouple.com!

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