Into the White

Kosciuszko National Park, NSW, AU

One can only get pulled up the side of a mountain by a boat anchor tied to a bungee chord so many times before they start considering the alternatives to the dilemma of Australian Alpine ascent.

After receiving training in the fine art of snow bush walking and having his confidence bolstered by ascending one of the world’s seven summits, Greg pretty much decided to spend his free time putting forth his solid best to get himself lost in the wilds of arctic Australia.

Perhaps it was a sense of self preservation mixed with a healthy dose of misery loves company that moved Greg to recruit as many people as possible (including Tiffany) to join him on his “ranging” as often as possible…

Greg didn’t find any undead, or even wildings for that matter…

(oh, yes, that would be the first R.R. Martin reference we’ve made. What!? Just because we’ve been reading the bible while traveling doesn’t mean it was to the exclusion of other stuff)

He did discover that for every mountain he climbed up, there was a cliff-face waiting for him to fall back down…


But Mr. Martin isn’t the first literary reference of these adventures. Need we remind you of our adventures at Mt. Doom?


About the authors

Greg and Tiffany are traveling around the world on sailing yachts and keep a video blog of their (mis)adventures.  If sailing to Tahiti on a 44 ft sailboat, 3-day delays for wine tastings, getting pooped on by seagulls, opening coconuts with dull machetes, sailing past tornadoes and ukulele Christmas carols are for you, then check them out!

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  1. Erica says:

    I’ll stick to the lifts, thanks.

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