Surf’s Up!

Coffs Harbor, NSW, AU

Our Australian East Coast Adventure continues!!

Ok, we all know why Greg says he’s from San Francisco right?

So what he didn’t mention was that this habit started when he was in at the Coast Guard Academy and the following conversation inevitably followed from meeting a new person at school:

Other person: “Are you gay?”

Greg: *points at Tiffany*  “uh, no.”

Other person: “Oh.  Well, do you surf?”

Greg: “Heck no!  The SF bay gets our water from the Alaskan current!  One of the largest breeding grounds for Great White sharks in the world is right off the coast in the same area as a nuclear waste site!  If my movie nemesis is real, the waters of SF are where he’d be!  Radioactive killer sharks and ice cold water…heck no I don’t surf!”

Other person: “…Are you sure you’re from San Francisco?”

Greg has often wondered what image these people had in their heads that would make the above two questions the deciding factors of whether or not one is “genuinely” from the city by the bay.

For reasons like this, the surfing thing is something we’ve often considering giving a go but who would want to learn to surf in California?

How terribly germane.

Wouldn’t it be much better to sail half way around the world to learn the skill we could have picked up on a day trip to Santa Cruz?  And to replace ice cold water and sharktopi with much warmer water and equally lethal box jellyfish?

Yes, we thought so as well.

Thanks to the beach boys for the music


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