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Grog Files Double Header

Ok so Tonga only has the one beer but really, anything they made after MAKA would have just paled by comparison anyway.  That beer was a-freaking-mazing! We felt bad though, only having the one drink to share with everyone.  So … Continue reading

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Why Messing with Texas is a BAD Idea!

San Antonio, TX They also have the Alamo here which almost everyone has heard of but if you’re anything like us you really didn’t realize was in San Antonio or how incredibly epic a display of Early American bad-assery this … Continue reading

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Sailing – How to Test the Waters

So lets assume that you read our previous article “Volunteer Crewing 101” and though you may have some reservations, the idea of travelling around the world on someone else’s luxury yacht for months on end visiting far flung tropical islands … Continue reading

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City of om-nom!

San Antonio, TX When you’re lucky enough to be exposed to a new culture with one of your good friends as a card carrying member, you get to breeze by all the touristy stuff and get a back stage pass … Continue reading

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Something Worth Going Home For

Enroute San Antonio, TX A few posts back we posed a question to you: when is it worth it to go home? We told you there were several reasons why we came back but we didn’t go into a lot … Continue reading

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So THAT’s where everyone went!

Atlanta, GA So, as thirtysomethings (oh, now that’s frightening…) we’ve been wondering.  For the past several years actually… Where the heck did everybody our age go!? Related posts: Ukeing it up Greg stars as “The Nanny!” Bring Forth The Multi-Sided … Continue reading

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Greg stars as “The Nanny!”

Atlanta, GA One of the reasons we came back was to spend a month with our dear friends.  They had an urgent need for some help with child care for a month so Greg headed over to Atlanta, GA while … Continue reading

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Local’s guide to San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA Last time we looked at the more popular tourist sites of Greg’s home town but really, San Jose does not easily lend itself to tourism outside abject worship of assorted technology businesses.  Only so many people want … Continue reading

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