No Wonder They’re So Fit!

Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

The Needle track is an all day hike through the heart of Rarotonga and over one of its largest peaks.  Now as many of you have already learned with us, Polynesian islands are formed by volcanoes and island volcanoes do not generate gently rolling hills.  How steep is it?  Well it’s a 7 km hike (so say 3.5 miles) and they recommend at least four hours.  So your travel speed is estimated at under a mile an hour.  Oh and yeah, tropics remember so it’s a tad warm to boot.


Having gained experience with this type of hiking in the Marquesas a while back, we were fairly confident that we had a good amount of experience with this kind of trekking and we were right…

…Except for the chickens.  Which if you haven’t caught onto yet, really seem to be a running theme on this island.

We also saw a ton of amazing flowers and just gorgeous vista views.  For you slide show fans, this one’s even set to music!

But we had not yet experienced the kind of terrain that would motivate even Pacific Islanders to install permanent climbing and rappel lines.  Rarotonga was kind enough to fill this unknown gap in our repertoire.

It was a heck of a hike and at the end we had the option to walk back over the top to our boat or around along the road.

…Or there was an hourly bus that picked up by the ice cream store a little way down the road.  We made the right decision.

PS: have we mentioned to you people passion fruit ice cream yet?  Just…wow.  Seriously.


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4 Responses to No Wonder They’re So Fit!

  1. hnorte says:

    I must say you look fit. I would have opted out for ice cream too. The bus – that’s why they were invented. Of course I would have taken the bus up the trail – chickens can’t attack a bus or do they? Loven ya, Mom

  2. wayne and jacque edmiston says:

    Lots of colorful pics. Good fer you guys….enjoy it to the utmost; even the passion fruit ice cream experience! Be blest,

    • Tiffany says:

      Thanks Wayne! The ice cream is amazing down here! It has all been from New Zealand, and we’re looking forward to tasting even more of it :)

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