So, when are you coming home?

Tiffany: Last year Greg had a birthday post all to himself so he’s decided to keep the tradition alive this year. Please indulge him…

Greg: We have started being asked fairly frequently when we’re coming back, so I guess using that as a gauge, we’ve been gone long enough to be missed 😉

Again a year has passed and we’re still out here in the South Pacific. New island though so that counts as progress right?

 Yes it’s a palm tree, but it’s a different palm tree!

This year was an experiment: Would it actually be possible to maintain a twice weekly text & video travel blog while sailing around the world? Well as we’re about to hit our first full year doing integrated entries yes, reckon it is. We are way more surprised than any of you that we’re about to post our 100th page of the new format. Lost count of the videos. According to WordPress it’s something around 400+. It’s been a BIG lift.

And now that we’ve done that, there is so much more to do! Again, you will see massive upgrades in the coming year. As we have learned in business and now blogging, start with the basics and build up as you go. Here’s a preview…

You’ve already seen the How to Crew page and that’s just a basic skeleton work. It’s going to grow. How big, I dunno. We are actually doing our level best to get the word out about this whole “how to sail around the world for next to nothing” thing. To that end we have been featured bloggers on some travel websites and been mentioned in a few magazines. So we’re going to have this blog to reflect more of the “hows” of our life in addition to our personal adventures & cultural observations.

Y’all may have forgotten the “wines of the world” section we mentioned a while back, but we haven’t and we have some additions (also, we’ve gained an appreciation for island beers so that’s getting included too).

We’ve been tossing around the idea for a “cruising recipe” section focusing specifically on tasty, quick, easy, one pot meals that are designed to be prepared in less than ideal conditions. We’ve got some stuff ready to go and would love some help with this from some of our foodie friends.

Needless to say the About Us page could use some updating. 😉

And there’s still the matter of a friggin’ map. In my dreams it’s interactive. Perhaps we should just focus on getting something up first? 😉

Our new friends would say there’s “heaps” of things Tiffany and I want to get out to you…we just need to put it together in an organized format. (And not one comment about the part where we managed to go on vacation and find ourselves a job. Well aware, thanks 😉

I would also be curious what you all think of this so far. Last year at this time I asked for some direction and I believe Tiffany and I have followed through on your suggestions but ultimately, you’re the deciders for that. Shoot us a line or drop us a comment and tell us what exactly you’re looking for. Is there a direction that we’re missing here?

Again, I want to thank each of you who makes a comment, or sends an email, or puts a message on Facebook. As you may have noticed we have read every one of them and I’m fairly certain no one has gone without a reply from one of us. (ok, sometimes it takes a while…we are at sea over here.) It means a lot to Tiffany and I to receive validation that our hours of time spent banging our heads against walls in assorted island “internet cafes” is not just an exercise in shouting out to darkness.

At least this one served ice cream

We’ve also had the opportunity to get to help some people find ships and we even found one guy back in the States a job in Australia! (Which is pretty freaking rad, if I do say so myself.) We want to do more of this. So what we would ask from you is to help us get exposed so we can reach out to more people. Sailing the world as volunteer crew is a really cool message that can help a lot of people have a little more fun in their lives for cheap. We’d like to get that out there into the world. For those of you who know people in the blog sphere who might be interested in what we do, let us know. Or let them know we’re here. Even telling a friend that has “always wanted to travel but doesn’t have the money” to check us out would be appreciated.

Does Guitar Hero even do ukuleles?

You know what you could do for my birthday? Hit the Stumble button at the bottom of this post or “like” the link to one of your favorite blog postings that are posted on our Facebook pages. It’s pushing a single button and it’d mean quite a lot to both Tiffany and I –

Really, it would. Thanks.

So back to the beginning – when are you coming home?

Great question. Haven’t the faintest.

(oh, gonna catch heck from the mom on that one…)

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4 Responses to So, when are you coming home?

  1. Yvonne Hyatt says:

    Happy Birthday, Greg! When you DO come back, we’ll take you out to dinner if you come up to Healdsburg & pay us a visit!
    God bless,
    Yvonne Hyatt

    • Greg Norte says:

      Mrs. Hyatt, I do not require any additional motivation to visit a member of clan Hyatt other than the open invitation. That in and of itself is a great value 😉

      That being said, we will be happy to take you up on that offer the first chance we get. 😉

  2. Ronni says:

    I will miss you! I hope I don’t forget who you are – after all I am getting older and the memory sometimes goes!!!!

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