Win Sharktopus!

Free stuff for you time!

First off, we just added a new page to the site.  On the top right of the website you’ll see the “How to Crew” link.  Click on that and you’ll have access to all the details of where we find rides, races and regattas we’ve been in, tips, etc. etc.  It’s a work in progress and we’ve gotten enough questions about it to warrant creating a virtual warehouse of information.  For those of you wanting to sail around the world for free, this is for you!

Secondly, to celebrate Greg’s break out movie role, we’re going to give away 2 copies of Sharktopus!  We’ll even throw in shipping for those of you living in the USA!

No offense to our foreign friends but guys, really, we have no idea what it costs to ship a DVD to Fatu Hiva but we’ll wager it ain’t cheap.  We also have no idea if Amazon actually mails to Tahiti.  Does anyone know how that works?

Here’s the deal:

1) You have to be a subscriber to the blog to win a DVD.  It’s easy to do, just put your email address in the box marked “subscribe” over on the left.

2) Every blog entry you comment on is considered 1 entry to the draw.  So, for example if you put 2 comments on this entry and make 1 comment on the supply ship entry linked above then you’d have 2 “entries” in the draw, not 3.

2 a) Facebook comments do not count.  You’ll just have to bring your natural wit and charm onto the actual blog page to win 😉

2 b) Multiple comments on the same entry will not count.  You must comment on different entries.

2 c) Yes, you can go back right now and comment on old entries.  They will count.

2 d) The comments need to be approved by our spam filter internet monkeys to count, so no random spam comments, please & thank-you.

4) To count, comments must be made by 11:59pm on Wednesday, 23 March US Pacific time zone.  That’s less than a week away!! We will let you know the winners on Thursday 24 March’s blog posting.  So if you want to put up more comments, do it now!

5) You can only win one DVD.  Once you win, your name is removed for the second draw.  This way everyone gets a shot.

6) When you win, we will email you to get a good shipping address.  We will then order the movie and have it shipped to you.

Alternately, for those of you just can’t wait to see Greg put to good use his high school senior elective acting class (hey, that class kicked butt! And I got a good grade!)  you can just buy the DVD yourself by clicking here.

Good luck!

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6 Responses to Win Sharktopus!

  1. Michael Lockridge says:

    Hey! # 2) and 2b) are the same rule. If you can make the same rule count twice I should be able to make two comments on this blog count twice! I’m gonna make up my own rules, no matter what you say…

  2. Michael Lockridge says:

    …So there! Ha. Two hash marks for Mikey!


    • Ha ha :)

      Right now you have the most comments on our blog, good luck!

    • I do not think you need to give things away to get people to read your blog. I look forward to it twice a week.

      And how can he be in the lead? I have left comments in the past?


      • Tiffany says:

        Thanks for the support! We always appreciate it!

        You’re right Mike, you have posted a lot of comments also. I’m not sure exactly who has most, but we’ll be adding them all up next Wed and tossing all of the names into the hat for the drawing!

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