Exploring the motu with the peach sand!

Tikehau, Tuamotu, French Polynesia

Our final stop in the island chain of the Tuamotu is Tikehau, a small atoll about a day’s sail from Rangiroa.


Again, for those of you who want the zoomed out picture, we’re still in the middle of the blue part.

And of course, the main anchorage of Tikehau is on the opposite side of the island from the only navigable entrance to the lagoon.  We’re not asking them to pick up their whole village and alter the geological formation of their atoll just for a few boaters (there were only 3 other boats in the anchorage while we were there) but really, it’s like they planned it this way.


The island of Tikehau is of particular interest because it is famed to have beaches with actual pink sand.  Wanting to see this natural wonder and having just left the big village of Rangiroa , we had our fill of the city and decided to spend some time exploring one of the islands or “motu” that make up the ring of the atoll.  You’d be amazed how much stuff you can find on a small desert island.

The reason Tiffany was poking around dead crabs was that she was looking for purple dead sea urchin spines.  Hey, they have peach sand, so why not?

We found a bunch of them:


And using Alison’s beading kit Tiffany was able to create some tropical jewelry:

Greg thinks it will go great with the custom-fitted coconut bikini we painstakingly hand crafted for her.

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