Land, Sea and Air Critters

Outside of town we find the other inhabitants of the atoll: the wildlife.

Bored with getting schooled by 9 year old island ping-pong champions?  Well then, your new playmate can be as close as the nearest coconut crab hole:

Some of you may not remember Greg’s previous encounters with the avian species but he has extensive diplomatic experience in “aggressive negations” with:

–          Seagulls in San Diego

–          Boobies in crossing the South Pacific

–          And now, the finches of French Polynesia

We would be remiss to mention the creatures of Rangiroa and omit the diving.  Like Fakarava, Rangiroa is world-renown for its dive areas and the water is crystal clear. The difference is that Rangiroa is far more accessible (remember the daily flights) and also far more developed.  As a result, there are a lot more divers that swim in Rangiroa’s lagoon and the fish are actually very accustomed to humans in the water.  The fish actually swim towards the dingy instead of away from it and when we tied up and jumped into the water we found ourselves immediately swarmed by a cloud of butterfly fish!

Greg has been told by his shipmates that by learning to dive in French Polynesia he is “spoiled for life” on diving.  Wait, there are places in the world where you don’t see at least 10 sharks per dive and have to beat off the cornucopia of rainbow fish with a stick?

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