Playing on a desert island

Kauehi, Tuamotu, French Polynesia

Ok it’s, uh, pretty and all.  Really, really pretty but what do you DO there?

Well all throughout the village and along the islands are coconut crabs.  Which are crabs.  That eat coconut.  They also live in little burrowed holes in the beach sand and the islanders are good at catching them for supper.

If catching your next meal gets old and/or frustrating (fast little buggers) you can always go for a swim.  Remember how I said Kauehi had clear water?  Yeah, and lagoons are breeding grounds for everything from tropical fish to coral to the most colorful clams I have ever seen.

If the lagoon gets old, you can wander down the road (“the” as in singular.  As in the only one on the island) to the other beach.  It’s not like it’s a long walk.

Since the island is an atoll surrounding a lagoon, it has beaches on both sides.  The “inside” beach has sand but no waves.  The outside beaches, which face out to the ocean, would be really great for surfing or boogie boarding except for one tiny detail.

**20100510A – archive – Kahuei beach**

Allan is really excited because he has dragged his board, sails and gear all the way from California in order to go windsurfing in the Tuamotu.   The barrier reef islands provide a good shelter from the ocean waves but are also low enough to the water to allow the wind to blow full force over the lagoons.  Big wind but no large waves creates an ideal windsurfing environment.

I know I said this before back in Mexico but it bears repeating.  Allan loaded all of this gear onto his sailboat.  He then proceeded to sail his boat from California to the middle of the South Pacific.  We have been sailing for months now to get here.  So we sail here, on a sailboat, using the wind to sail our sailboat to this lagoon and the thing Allan wants to do here?  After all that?  He wants to go sailing on a smaller sailboat…


He insists it’s different.  It goes faster or something.  Me, I know addiction when I see it.


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  2. jeff just wondering says:

    Love your guys blog. But what is the “one tiny detail”? **20100510A – archive – Kahuei beach** ???

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