Boat Chores and the Coconut Bikini

As we had a short respite here in order to prepare for our wanderings into the 100 or some odd remote (even by Polynesian standards) islands of the Tuamotus, we decided to take care of some of the day to day chores that had built up.

Like, defrosting the freezer with our hair dryer, because apparently this is an important part of the cruising lifestyle

And hand carrying diesel fuel to fill the boat back up (last gas station was Hiva Oa, remember?)

We also bought food and in a French colony that means we acquired fresh baguettes.  I find that I have yet to devote the proper space in this blog to the natural wonder of the world that is real French bread.  As a native of Northern California I will go toe to toe with anyone who claims the superiority of French wine or cheese, but ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to bread these people have us beat.

Since we are talking of chores, I should take a moment and discuss showering.  Yes, showering.  Not that we didn’t shower before, it’s just that we didn’t shower for the amusement of the local athletic establishment prior to this anchorage.

And finally, before getting underway to explore the rest of this island, I convinced the captain to turn the crew’s attention to the one neglected “chore” that has been at the forefront of all of our minds (well, at least mine): the completion of the much anticipated coconut bikini!!  Can I get a drum roll and a choir of angels on standby please?

–  Greg coast guard couple

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5 Responses to Boat Chores and the Coconut Bikini

  1. Michael Lockridge says:

    25 trips back and forth to land in order to fuel your boat (which, I just want to point out you previously bragged about being all wind powered–tsk, tsk, tsk), but you got to realize the coconut-bikini fantasy as a reward…I’d say fate balanced out in your favor.

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