Land Ho!


This video succinctly captures the mood of the moment.

Though we have spent weeks at sea and accomplished something that many dream of, I have to say on some levels I am sad to see this transit end.  Over the past 22 days I really have enjoyed my rituals of personal development (the ukulele, French and Bible) and I know that now we have hit land those rituals will be impossible to maintain in the face of beautiful beaches, amazing island hikes, delightful food and tropical paradise.  Don’t worry, I’ll cope 😉

While everyone else was working at dropping the anchor and launched the dingy, I was tasked to establish friendly relations with the natives who, in classic Polynesian fashion, came out to greet us.

After which we all hopped in the dingy and got our butts to land.

Our first stop?  We’re sailors, where do you think?  Two words: Money & Beer.

Which is a good thing we got money, cuz everything here is nutzo expensive!  To give you an idea, we got in during the morning and went into a burger joint for our first landside meal.  Tiff got a burger, I got a local “cheap” fish snack (poisson cru for you Frenchie speakers) and we each got 1 beer.  $30.00 US later we decided we’d finish celebrating on the boat.  The local beers were eight bucks each in a little snack shack!  Big upside to sailboats: you bring your own hotel with you.

…and yes Daniel, I survived, so no, you don’t get my hot tub or my Xbox 360.

– Greg

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10 Responses to Land Ho!

  1. Congratulations on your achievement. It was perhaps telling that when you showed the island up close one of the first things we see is an automobile speeding down the road. No more natives in hollowed logs massing to the ship. We’re expecting a uke concert from Greg next time you’re in the Bay Area.

  2. Michael says:

    Man, and I thought San Francisco was expensive–I’m so sheltered!

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