A Day in the Life

Tiff thought we would start out by giving you some perspective on what we see all day, every day. (PS- don’t watch this video if you are prone to seasickness.)

[Tiff thinks this one is better :)  It’s kinda long though, I was having editing issues.]

My daily schedule basically looks like:

Noon – wake up, shave, brush teeth

12:30PM – eat lunch, do dishes

1:30PM – personal projects (like sewing zippers in my pants pockets, doing laundry, showering.)

3:00PM – Stand 4 hour watch

7:00PM – Get off watch, eat dinner

8:00PM – Do dishes

8:30PM – wrap up personal projects, putz around

9:00PM – Practice ukulele

9:30PM – Practice French (usually involves me making spitting sounds at my computer)

11:00PM – Pre-watch nap

12:45AM – wake up, stand 3 hour watch.  Listen to Bible on audio book.

2:30AM – midnight snack time!  More Bible on audio

4:00AM – Get off watch, go to bed

Aside from occasional interruptions for critical ships business

…  and pods of dolphins using our bow as a jungle gym

Our days are much the same.  This would drive some people mad, but I love the relentless progress I make daily toward mastering my ninja-like French-Bible-quoting-while-playing-Beethoven-on-ukulele skillz.

But heck, I sleep until noon every day, so they could all be learning kung-fu and naked tribal dancing in the morning for all I know.

– Greg

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6 Responses to A Day in the Life

  1. Joe says:

    I am amazed at how regimented your life has become!!! I thought schedules were your enemy ; )

  2. Joe says:

    I am amazed at how regimented your life has become!!! I thought schedules were your enemy ; ) It’s funny how everything changes such that nothing changes.

    • Greg Norte says:

      pointless schedules were the enemy. Schedules that let me focus on getting stuff done are still good.

      sides, it’s only a month. I did this for 6 months straight and I’d either be making CDs or jumping overboard 😉

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