Keeping Busy

I want to convey to you our daily life.  Have you ever had a personal montage?  The underway life is a daily existence of extreme ritual, when you allow it to be, and that ritual allows you to focus on whatever you want with unprecedented clarity.  For 30 days of my life I have the opportunity to dramatically increase any skill set I want to study.  I describe it best to my mother when I emailed her:

I am spending my time sewing zippers on clothes and reading the Bible

(I feel like a monk)

…and learning French

(a Franciscan monk)

…and learning the ukulele

(a Franciscan monk with a toy guitar)

…and talking to Tiffany

(a Franciscan monk with a toy guitar and a wife….ok, fine, bad example)

This is my life for the next month…no Gregorian chanting though.

Allan spends his time developing his at sea tech support business …

… and getting an “A” for effort in his many attempts to land “the big one”.

Tiffany and Alison spend most of their personal time focused on the inspection of our cookie stores …

… and the restocking of our cookie stores (a chore in which I am sometimes impressed into service).

– Greg

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4 Responses to Keeping Busy

  1. Michael Lockridge says:

    [insert joke about Greg growing up on San Francisco here]

  2. Greg Norte says:

    they don’t teach ukulele playing in … oh wait. right. 😉

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