To Cross the Pacific

Ah the happy crew of the good ship FLY AWEIGH, decked out in their 2010 puddle jump regalia.  We figured we should get the pictures handled before the scurvy set in.

For those of you who don’t know, the term “puddle jump” is the name people use to describe the trip we are undertaking by sailing from Mexico to Tahiti in French Polynesia.

Our first 30 minutes underway we received an interesting omen of things to come.

At least we got our man overboard drill out of the way first thing…is it a bad sign if the mop sank to the bottom before we recovered it?

Having made our sacrifice to King Neptune’s housekeeping staff, we rapidly shifted gears into that most critical of all getting underway rituals: Calling everyone you know for the obligatory rushed goodbye call

It’s great to finally be underway and heading somewhere new.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Mexico has been a blast and La Cruz has earned a special place in my heart.   I mean between bar cats taking my sodas, swarms of butterflies covering mountaintops,  all the great people we met, and lets not forget Mexican car horns or my breakout role in the made for Sci-fi movie SHARKTOPUS (this October kids, mark your calendars!) Mexico has most assuredly been a good time.  (PS, for if you missed any of the above, check the previous posts.)  However, I would hate to come back to the states and have the following conversation:

Friend: “Where you been?”

Me: “Oh, I’ve been traveling around the world.”

Friend: “Wow cool!  Where did you go?”

Me: “Mexico.”

A drastically unfair prejudice formerly held by myself is that Mexico is “right next door.”  SOME of Mexico (read Tijuana and some desert) is in fact next door and a lot of Mexico is freaking far, far away.  Tiff and I sailed for weeks straight and I would say we got about half way down one coast.  A lot of cruisers sail Mexican waters for years and never get bored or move on…and I can see why.

I feel that Tiff and I are becoming well known here in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.  We have friends, the owner of the local British pub doesn’t even need to ask me what I’ll be having when I come in, a Guinness and fish & chips just show up (which is awesome, by the way).  I think Tiff and I stopped being tourists here a few weeks ago and actually started living here.  This is great feeling and we either need to buy a house or move on.  Since there is a lot more world out there and the idea was to go around it, its time to move on.  I am nervous though that Allan’s prediction may be closer to the mark than any of us are willing to admit.

Besides the idea of crossing the largest expanse of nothing on the planet in what my friend Michael describes as, “a glorified bathtub with a big bedsheet on front” intrigues me.  Though I would also like to point out this “glorified bathtub” comes decked out with basically every electromechanical toy you could possible want, not to mention private guest quarters with attached bathrooms and showers!  If you don’t know boats too well, allow me to assure you, this is the lap of luxury when it comes to crewing.

Whelp, here we go…

(Imagine that video was your last sight of solid ground for a month straight…)

– Greg

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  1. Michael Lockridge says:

    And that last bit of land didn’t even have a tree to help you remember what shade was like…so sad. Maybe that’s just Tahitian marketing though–you’ll be that much more excited when you get there b/c they do have trees and they want to sell you the right to park your butt under one while you order something rum-filled to drink–something with ice!

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