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Life on the Docks

As I said, Tiffany and I spent a lot of time working on the docks in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and Paradise Village in Puerto Vallarta getting involved in the local cruising community and looking for ships looking for crew. … Continue reading

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A Few Months in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico

So like I said, La Cruz was the first place where Tiffany and I got to really spend some time, meet some people and just live a little bit outside the US, which was a major goal of this trip … Continue reading

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Back in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico

Our second stay in La Cruz was one of the more special highlights of our trip so far. The reason for this is that due to a variety of circumstances it worked out that actually got to live in La … Continue reading

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Tiffany and the STCW

So remember we mentioned that Tiffany was off to Fort Lauderdale for a week of training? Well, that training was for the STCW 95, a requirement for any mariner that wants to work on a boat outside of the US, … Continue reading

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Mazatlan, MX – 3rd

Mazatlan, MX With the help of Mary-Ann on s/v OLD MOON we found another Mexican wine. For my last entry on Mazatlan, I’ll focus on our transportation options. Yes, I realize that the topic of transportation would not typically be … Continue reading

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Dominique, FVI

Dominique, FVI I got a report from Tiffany who is dealing with the many challenges of teaching a sailing class on a luxury sailing yacht in the middle of the French Caribbean. Sailing teaching supplies are in short supply. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Mazatlan, MX – 2

Mazatlan, MX So I thought I was doing OK with the fishing thing…then I met this guy, Yeah, my biggest fish so far is about 15 lbs. My first question to Marcus was “So what do you do with it!?” … Continue reading

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Mazatlan, MX

Mazatlan, MX Having arrived in San Carlos, Tiffany and I left the ship and headed off to new adventures. This time is a bit different because Tiffany is heading to Florida and eventually the French Caribbean to teach a sailing … Continue reading

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Ensenada, MX

Ensenada, MX Just in case you were confused as to exactly in which country the port town of Ensenada is located, the local government has provided the below useful guide for your convenience. A quick overnight transit has us back … Continue reading

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