San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

Tiffany & I received an offer to come back up to San Diego, help prep a ship for a Pacific crossing and bring her down to Mexico. We figured an REI run would probably be a good thing anyway, so off we went!
Once again Mexican transport did not disappoint

…and we wonder why all our jobs are overseas?

Upon our arrival aboard we moved the boat to the police dock for the final on our ship’s inspection, preparations and final provisioning. Not only were we rained on, not only was it freaking COLD (acclimate to Mexico much?) and the United States seemed dead set to ensure our return did not go, to use an overly appropriate turn of phrase, “unmarked.”

For this particular voyage we have the pleasure of working with two other crew members: Ben & Jurgen. Both of them are a lot of fun and Jurgen is a native German who flew in for a few months of sailing. Now you may not know this about me, but I have a long standing love affair with the German language. Have you ever heard someone talk in German? It sounds like someone discovered the sound of awesome and just decided to make an entire language out of it! Never had the chance to hear German? check this out:

Why oh why did I study French in High School!?

We had a crew meeting and Tiffany was elected to serve as the ship’s captain because as an ASA instructor and a licensed 100 ton master, she was the one with any official paperwork (see what happens when you go out and better yourself? You get to rule over your fellow man and crush them under the thumb of oppression! Stay in school kids!)
After going over this boat with a fine toothed comb, the four of us dove into the two week process of the final preps for getting this ship ready to set sail. I could bore you with details of food inspections, EPIRB shopping, damage control kits, rigging work and sail repairs…or I could just toss up this montage that includes me finding poison ketchup and almost getting clocked by an anchor. I think we both know which option is the one you’d choose.

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17 Responses to San Diego, CA

  1. Michael Lockridge says:

    “He can say it in American,” I can’t even do that! LOL

    I don’t understand how you spent $750 on groceries and wound up with no Coke Zero…I mean “Crack for Greg.”

    …Where’s the choking part? All I saw was a little swivelling anchor!

    • Greg Norte says:

      Oh we got coke zero, it’s in the supply ship out back

      and I said “clocked” as in struck with great force. No, I have not yet swallowed an anchor…I’ll get right on that.


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