Patzcuaro, Mexico

What Greg has completely neglected to mention was the town of Patzcuarto (uh, I totally forgot how to spell this place…) where we could supposedly find those yummy coconut piles. No such luck. We spent a day bussing around and seeing the town and nearby area. I did have a delicious cup of yummy stuff that Greg totally did not appreciate.

We finally found the local cuisine that they’re famous for are their white fish, or Pescado Blanco. And, uh, we had it…

In order to get this questionable delicacy, we had to go to an island with a big statue in the center of it that looked like he was the main character from the movie “Undercover Brother”.

And we had to CLIMB ALL OVER! It was a crazy steep island! There weren’t any streets, just paths, and they ALL HAD STAIRS!

On our way to this mythical island, not only did we get lost (how hard can it be to find an island in the middle of a lake! An island you can see!), we got to make new friends!

I was telling Greg about why burros have a cross on their back (donkeys don’t, just burros, they’re special). These little animals were honored by God because one of them carried Jesus as he entered a town, forever earning them their special mark.

We finally got to where the ferry was, and were serenaded by a mariachi band on our way to the island. Definitely a unique experience.

In summary, here’s what I thought of Patzcuarto, the island and it’s lake:

~ Tiffany

(Two final notes we learned from our road trip into central Mexico.

1) Public bathrooms in Mexico require a certain degree of pre planning to ensure a user friendly experience.

2) Not all of Mexico is tropical, especially the parts 8 hours inland through mountains.

~ Greg)

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