We’re in San Diego!

We just got to San Diego last night! It's hard to believe this is all real and that we're leaving on Monday! We stopped for dinner on the drive down, and I reached into my pocket for my keys, and for the first time in a very long time, I don't have any! I left my entire keychain (that only has my car key and Greg's car key) in San Jose because I don't need them. It is very wierd!

Today we went out sailing with Mike and Dianne and their son and his friends. It was a great trip, and a relaxing way to start to become familiar with their boat. The afternoon was spent sailing around the San Diego harbor, and then after we got back to the boat, Greg and I headed for West Marine and the Pacific Puddle Jump meeting. The meeting wasnMt exactly what we expected, but it was a great way to start to put out feelers about looking for a boat to crew on to get to the Polynesian Islands. Exciting stuff! Hopefully we'll find the right thing and be able to make the trip. Wish us luck!

Oh, and today was my birthday :)

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