Our poor kitty on the way to the airport

Well, the cat has been shipped off to my mom in FL… She was not a happy camper, but she is surprisingly tolerant of travel. Unlike other cats that I know, once she’s in her crate, she settles down and just voices occasional meows to make sure that you didn’t forget that this is something that she dislikes.

Driving her to the aiport to put her on the flight was pretty sad, and it was very tough for me to leave her with the American Airlines people. I started tearing up as I was getting the paperwork filled out and was on the edge of crying when I left her there. :( It was very depressing. I had a tough drive home.

Fortunately she is now with my mom in FL, and is apparantuy adjusting pretty well. Mom said that the first night she spent the entire time hiding under the dresser, not under the bed, she was so traumatized. Since then, Mom has convinced her to come out on her own for love and scritching. She may be ready soon to get introduced to the kitty boys! I’m curious how it will turn out – the last time my kitty was introduced to a boy kitty, she swatted him across the face and drew blood. So we’ll see how this turns out… Greg and I gave her some more boxing lessons before we sent her off, but I don’t really think she needed them. :)

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